One Click Overview

The Cloud Management Console (CMC) provides you with a crystal clear overview of all your clients, in just one-click. As shown in the screenshot, there are two pie charts with visual information. Left is for ‘backup status’, which gives you an overview of all your backups (in total or per client). Right is the overview of the ‘last successful backup’. The colors, percentage and the information boxes provide you with an overview in just one click. Furthermore, by clicking on the information boxes, you will instantly be directed to the required information

Detailed Reports

To make handling backups a lot more effortless and efficient, we made prepared a detailed account report overview. You can add and remove information allowing you to create a view, which is more convenient. Our color bar, as shown in the screenshot, is the easiest visual indicator to see how the backup of your clients succeeded in the past 28 days. Green means a successful backup (weekdays and weekends), orange means that there was an error and red means that the backup failed. Simply click on it to view specific information

Session Information

This shows you the status per backup session, in detailed perspective. As you can see from the screenshot, ‘files processed’ are underlined. This means the information link can be opened to see all file names, which have been changed. In addition, error reports are also easy to check on this screen, showing you what the errors were, which are easy to fix. With a ‘remote command’ you can simply setup filters to prevent these errors occurring in the future

Remote Commands

Remote commands are designed to make your management tasks of one machine or a complete server farm as simple and efficient as possible. For instance with one command you can for instance change the selection, set a filter or change the schedule. There are many options that will allow you to make your management tasks quicker to execute. For a complete overview, please check our detailed

Trend graphs

These provide a clear insight and analysis of trends. The graphs on top provide a clear insight into the use of servers and workstations, which is live information. This information can be accessed daily. The graphs on the bottom provide you with detailed information of the storage size, which illustrates what is selected and actually used. This information is extremely useful and allows you to see what is happening with your clients.

Backup Manager

Installation is simple, within 1 minute. It has an explicit user-friendly interface. As shown in the screenshot you can set your own selections per plug-in. You can search files in your backup through this easy backup manager.

Account Settings

In the account settings you can setup all kinds of preferences. We highlighted the setup of your daily notification of the backup status. You can setup to whoever you want to send the daily notification to. These preferences can be changed by client as well as the administrator.

Local Speed Vault

When we talk about unique features, we are actually talking about a factual unique feature. Local Speed Vault is one of those. Backup by solarwinds is the only backup technology available that has Local Speed Vault adapted in the software. A copy is made to your local storage such as your NAS/USB or Disc. When the internet is down and the backup is still on, the backup goes directly to your speed vault directory. It creates a quick local restore.

Advanced Bandwidth Control

You may think you can also setup the timeframe of the bandwidth, you can. But can you also setup the speed of the bandwidth or choose the plug-ins for the backup timeframe? We know the answer, you cannot. Backup by solarwinds is the most advanced backup software in the world, so we made our bandwidth performance the most advanced in the world. It seemed only obvious for us to do so.

Virtual Backup - VMware & Hyper-V

As servers (hardware) nowadays are virtually split into multiple servers it is of paramount importance to be able to do a live backup of these virtual machines at disc level. With our virtualization backup technology you will be able to do a restore of your entire server within minutes. This technology is well suited for customers that truly require this technology. Each day we prove to our clients the importance of solarwinds, and why we are the best on the market for backup.

True Delta Discovery

Our unique software has the ability to scan through changes in your directory. It works with mind blowing speed, which takes seconds to scan in which plug-in to search, then performs a directed search in each folder where there is a changed file. This process goes further, up to the changed file itself and beyond, including changes within the file. It goes all the way up to the changes in file itself. No snapshots in our discovery, only the changed “blocks” in the modified files, which we call an innovative discovery.

True Delta Backup

On average we send less than 0.5% per day to our backup, compared to the selection. Amazing isn’t it? How does it work? Furthermore, we scan changes in what file sizes they are. If the size of the file is beneath 256kb, we backup the entire file. When the file is bigger than that we split up the files in blocks. Whenever a block of the files has been altered we simply backup only that specific block instead of the entire file where the change occurred. This makes our backup the most advanced, efficient and fastest available.

De-duplication is also something that makes our software extremely adaptable. For example a small e-mail of only 2kb has been removed or changed. It appears as a changed block. The solarwinds software can determine which block it is. We retrieve the changed e-mail in the block and send only the fragment out of the block. This prevents sending an unnecessary amount of data. It also prevents double storage on block Level.

Client Reports

Each day you and your client get a clear report of the latest backup. The color bar gives you a perfect indication whether or not the backup was successful, if there were errors or that the backup failed. Green=successful, orange=error and red=failed. Instead of just reporting errors, we experienced that most of our users appeared to have lost the report in their spam, which is why we made it a daily report.