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The Solution

  • Software Components
  • Cloud Management Console
  • Detailed Reports
  • Backup Manager
  • Virtual Server Backup
  • Client Reports

The Cloud Management Console (CMC) is where you create and monitor backup accounts for your business users and servers. The pie graph provides an instant view of the status of your backups, clicking on the graph shows those accounts in each state.

You can add and remove information to create a template that meets your needs. The color bar, as shown in the screenshot, offers a helpful visual indicator for monitoring your clients’ backup status over the past 28 days

The Backup Manager is installed on the computer(s) to be backed up. Here you select files, and applications, set the schedule and email notification. Installation is simple, and takes just minutes to install and configure backup.

Supports backup of VMware & Hyper-V virtual machines, with our virtualization backup technology, you can restore your entire server in minutes...

If you need regular reports, ask our support team for help. These reports will show whether the backup was successful, if errors occurred, or if the backup failed. Green means successful, orange means error, and red means fail.
It's as simple as that!